Who We Are

Here at Tracemark, we are a team that is obsessed with performing at the highest level. We are passionate about what we do and because of that, overachieving is our baseline. We don’t follow the industry standard. We create it. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the barrier to entry for starting a new business and to improve workflow for already established businesses. We want our clients to focus on networking and decision-making. Let us handle the rest.

What We Do

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Let’s get you taken care of! Whether you’re looking for a logo, a website, or printing items for your business; We would love to earn your business.

Phone: (832) 477-1425 

About Company

Motivated to Overachieve

Whether it's designing logo's, building websites, or printing items for your business; Tracemark takes a different approach. We believe our unique success is based on earning the trust and relationship of our clients and having their best interest in mind to excel beyond expectations.

Austin Bergeron

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Anthony Castaneda

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Who Is Tracemark?

Tracemark was founded in 2020 during the rise of the mandating of mask across the United States. We figured, since mask are mandatory, why not rock them in style? This was the start of Tracemark. In Late 2020 we found a very unique product  that our past customers also fell in love with that made for year round, awesome gifts for any occasion. 

August of 2022, my partner and I decided to rebrand the company and focus on a different niche and expand further. We then introduced Web Design, Logo Creation, SEO, and Commercial Printing. We are excited for the future in creating a legacy and mark for this market.

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Why Choose Us

Reasons For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

We are experts in our field and eager to show you why we're the right choice.

100% Guarantee

We are not satisfied until you are. Let's get you taken care of.

Quality Material

We take our work seriously, we would not submit, print, design, or create anything that we personally don't think is our absolute best.

Our 3-D Process



We make it a point to stay up to date on the latest practices and new techniques so that we are always at the forefront of the industry standard.



Transparency is one of our main pillars here at Tracemark. We want our clients to be just as in the know as we are. All of our clients have access to all of the analytics needed to help them make the business decisions needed.



Whether you have a specific design in mind, or would like us to take over and create your vison for you, we have you covered. With unlimited revisions for our web design, our main priority is our overachieving for our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We are not satisfied until you are. With unlimited revisions for web design, it is our goal to insure that our clients would not only use us again, but refer us to their friends and co-workers with no hesitation.

We are accessible by call or email almost all hours of the day. We pride ourselves in our customer service abilities and take pride in swiftly addressing clients questions or concerns.

Our reputation was not only built from our high quality web design and speedy customer support. It was built through results. Results that lead to increased website traffic geared to support your specific company’s goals.

Increasing our clients return on investment is on the forefront of our minds throughout every service that we provide. We stay up to date on the latest techniques and slightly change our approach to keep up to date with the ever-changing algorithms.

You’re in good hands. We are an experienced team of web developers, social media managers, graphics design experts, and a printing company all-in-one.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Our team caters to each projects specific needs to insure excellence. We pride ourselves in being extremely responsive and quick to address any questions comments or concerns. Let’s get you taken care of.